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Even in the upswing economy organizations are hard pressed to manage the growth and ensure consistent delivery with limited skills and resources. While the mandate is to innovate, improve the value propositions and increase operational efficiency, the key resources are caught up in necessary but mundane, non-core activities.

To stay competitive and grow at or above the market pace largely depends on deploying right skills at the right time and costs on right tasks. Turning to an outsourcing partner for elasticity or for supplementing a long-term initiative with specialized skills is very appealing.

However, realizing the value an outsourcing partner can bring and to maximize delivery requires careful planning and continuous collaboration.

Global outsourcing has evolved from cost advantage to skills advantage to delivery advantage. Accountability and ownership on final delivery - not just the outsourcing partner's component alone - decides the success of the endeavor.

We measure our success based on successful final deliveries made by our customers. We take pride in the workmanship and the output of the collaborative efforts invested by both our teams and our customers' teams.

Your challenges
  • Access to specialized skills to build resilience in your delivery capability and to scale with business needs
  • Maximize application ROI with reduced operational and maintenance costs and get a relief from budget pressure
  • Remote infrastructure management including performance tuning, health check-up, remote monitoring, level-2 and 3 support
  • Compliance audits, project portfolio management, monitor project performance, repeatability and independent validations for consistency
Our solutions
  • Teams with technology and domain focus, backed up with knowledge references consolidated from prior project execution experience
  • With on-site delivery reviews, ownership and off-shore execution, cost savings without compromising quality delivery
  • Single-point ownership on infrastructure reliability by shared, able professionals to address routine tasks and on-call support with a fraction of costs
  • Unbiased, third-party monitoring and auditing to get the real picture of projects and products
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