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Solutions must enable your IT to proactively cater to the business requirements, anticipate and manage growth at lower costs using proven industry standards like ITIL-based best practices. Expectations in terms of capacity, cost of delivery and service quality are the crucial aspects.

Our implementation process considerations are:

Processes: Execution and management ownership definition; Establishing measures, metrics & tactical and management reporting; Defining audit & continuous improvement cycles

Priorities: Establishing organization-wide priorities; Defining anticipatory, proactive and reactive procedures; Establishing monitor & control parameters

People: Establising and define function, roles and responsibilities; Defining ongoing staff training on technology, operational and management skills; Identifying and eliminating superfluous delegation and authorization needs

Dependencies: Clearly establishing a relationship framework; Defining operational & tactical interdependencies; Defining and documenting internal and external interfaces and interaction points

Timing: Identifying collaboratively the most effective timing to implement right-sized solutions

Your challenges
  • Transformative business processes, workflow and information-flow model design and solution selection
  • Move from legacy to industry standard solutions
  • Enterprise-wide Service management implementation
  • CRM implementation, migrations, transitions and upgrades
  • Procurement & Supply chain management implementation
  • Business information management & Analytics solution implementation
  • Product, process & technology updates, upgrades and migrations
Our solutions
  • Standards-based approach with standards used as a guideline not as a rule
  • Domain expertise through experienced body of practical knowledge
  • Product expertise and access to leading vendor solutions through strong partnerships
  • Standard templates to drive structure - flexible, adapted for relevance
  • Holistic perspective, localized implementation
  • Agile implementation with continuous review with the stakeholders - Frequent short incremental deliveries and reviews - No "big bangs"
  • Optimized execution leveraging cross-functional global professional skills to keep the implementation costs low with the increased response times
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